Vocaloid All Stars with Miku Hatsune

Graphic by Kimberly Jordan (used in PowerPoint)

Polygram Movie Maker (PMM) project by Kimberly Jordan (aka Kimberly AJ)

Models Edit

Completely downloaded and on the stageEdit

A full collection of Vocaloids

All Vocaloids (before Alys, Amy, Chris, Cyber Songman, Fukase, Kaori, Ken, Leora, Otomachi Una, Stardust, Uni and the Meika Twins)

Downloaded, but in a struggle to join the whole groupEdit

Completely downloaded Edit

Not yet downloaded Edit

  • VY1 Mizki (graceful geisha, Japan)
  • Amy (group member, USA)
  • Sweet Ann (group member, Australia)
  • ONI (group member, Portugal)
  • Stardust (group member, China)
  • Xin Hua (group member, Taiwan)
  • Bruno & Clara (group members, Spain)
  • Alys (group member, France)
  • Uni (group member, South Korea)
  • IA (group member, Japan)
  • Mo Qingxian (group member, China)
  • Lapis Aoki (gem princess, Japan)
  • Merli (butterfly fairy girl, Japan)
  • Rana (junior group member, Japan)
  • Galaco (cosmic queen, Japan)
  • Otomachi Una - Sugar & Spicy (group members, Japan)
  • Mayu (soft-toy lover, Japan)
  • Sachiko (charming geisha, Japan)
  • Kaori (group member, Japan) 
  • Big Al (group member, USA)
  • Arsloid (group member, Japan)
  • Chris (group member, USA)
  • VY2 Yuma (magnificent samurai, Japan)
  • Ken (group member, Japan)
  • ZOLA Project (group members, Japan)

Kimberly Jordan's recordEdit

Number of Vocaloids onstage: 26

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